Founded by a grumpy fellow when some software installation actually required a company name in the registration line. DeNada Industries has grown to include one employee (aka Mike Allard).
A producer of typefaces in their early years, De Nada has slowly undeveloped over the years to include the odd Theatre Flyer design for out-rageous amounts of money. Their advertising budget is so severely limited as to preclude your being aware of their existence except by sheer
DeNada Industries is one of the slowest growing non-corporate entities in all of North America encompassing a wide variety of activities including: Typeface creation, flyer design, theatrical scenic and lighting design (in conjunction with The Shumway Brothers Moving Company) and a wide variety of other activities that defy specific categorization despite the heroic efforts of our staff.
2008-06-15: Kavaler Kursive has been added. Thanks to John Fitzgerald!
2007-03-01: Romeo DN has been added. Thanks to Mike Freiman!
2004-12-31: Mike Allard sent the above text and a Readme-file including the terms of use.
Alfred Drake
Krt Russell
Lauren Script
E-Brant Script
Machine Script
Miss Brooks
Perry Gothic
Joe Perry
Kelly Ann Gothic
Will Robinson
Kelly Brown
Mario Arturo did some refining work on Heather,
get the cleaned up version here.