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Ancient/Modern Hebrew and Yiddish Typefaces

This is perhaps the most extensive collection of ancient/modern Hebrew and Yiddish shareware/freeware fonts on the Internet with over 40 typefaces. This site was mentioned in the November 11, 1997 issue of

Microsoft Word and Word Perfect macros for WinGreek

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Note 1: Not all typefaces include nekuddot (vowel points); also various keyboard codings.

Note 2: All fonts on this page are to be used with software systems that permit right to left typing such as the Hebrew and Arabic versions of Windows. However, there are utilities such as the QWERTY program in that permits right to left typing as a cut and paste operation.

Ancient Hebrew/Aramaic

Typeface File Name Size (KB) TT AFM
Paleo-Hebrew Normal paleo.zip 6 X  
Qumrân qumran.zip 42 X  
Qumrân Caves (remapped version of Qumrân) qumrcave.zip 25 X  

Modern Hebrew

Typeface File Name Size (KB) TT AFM
David New Hebrew david.zip 14 X  
Dor dory.zip 45 X  
ElroNet (monospace and proportional) elrofont.zip 30 X  
Gad gadttf.zip 23 X  
Hadassah - 2 typefaces hadassah.zip 19 X  
Hebrew heb_tt.zip 39 X  
Hebrew hebrew.zip 36 X  
Hebrew hebrew2.zip 66 X X
Hebrew (in WinGreek 1.8) wgreek18.zip 296 X X
Hebrew (in WinGreek 1.9) wgreek19.zip 292 X X
Hebrew (in WinGreek 2.0) wgreek20.zip 649 X X
Lashon Tov lshontov.zip 15 X  
Mendel Siddur mwfon103.zip 651 X  
Miriam miriam.zip 21 X  
Noam New Hebrew noam.zip 15 X  
Pecan_Sonc_Hebrew socin.zip 12 X  
Pni2na and Kur2siv - 2 typefaces hebttf10.zip 51 X  
Reuven reuvnttf.zip 11 X  
Shalom Old shaloold.zip 33 X  
Shalom Script shaloscr.zip 33 X  
Shalom Stick shalosti.zip 24 X  
Silver Mountain Hebrew sfonts11.zip 219 X  
SPDamascus spdamasc.zip 14 X  
SPEzra - fixed width spezra.zip 11 X  
SPTiberian sptiberi.zip 12 X  
Torah Sofer torahsfr.zip 32 X X
Web Hebrew wehad.zip 26 X  
Web Hebrew Monospace wehm.zip 26 X  
6 Mixed typfaces - Alex, Chaya, Mendel Siddur, Rashi, Ruth, Tzipporah winheb11.zip 99 X  


Typeface File Name Size (KB) TT AFM
Ain Yiddishe Font - 3 typefaces Updated: yiddish.zip 82 X  

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