What's new?
  New font: Jenna. Updated: AfterShock and Leadtype.

New fonts: Barrel of Monkeys, DirtyDarren, Fire starter, Griffin Ducks, Lymphnodes, Quake 3 Arena Bats, Sapphire Sativa.

Updated: Beethoven, Burris, Chain Font, ChangChang, Froot Stand, Moscoso, Poo, Shock, Startling, Zappa Bats.

  2005-04-19: COSMIC ALCHEMIST
A conversation with Daniel Gauthier and James Arboghast
New: JudasPriest.

New: CaviarRancid. See also Manfreds CaviarBats.

Following fonts have been updated:
AlphaFridgeMagnets (now 2 fonts), BeatnikHayseed, BoobToob (now 2 fonts), DickVanDyke, GassyGaut, GearBox, Griffin, HoaryGaut, Houdini, Punk, RapaNui, Scab, Spliffs, TattooLettering. Most now have full character sets. Some of the others have simply been re-encoded and re-spaced.
These fonts are all free for private use. Daniel doesn't ask for money, but he sent a quote from Wayne Burris:
If you want to give back to the Design community & design a font.