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Graham Meade

fonts available in the L'ab:  Booter MM, Drummon, Epyval, Erinal, Eyecicles, Futurex, Karisma, Kronika, Lane, Pamelor, Primary Elector, Sabril, Street, Street Slab, Texticles, Whackadoo, Youthanasia + Bipolar Control Pack: Calan, Dexetrine, Thorazine and Thorazone
most recent creations: Aquaduct, Wewak
Full list of GemFonts incl. downloads now here on typOasis since Graham's  site has been closed in april 2000.
Old Oak
Beside a variety of classical or innovative fonts Graham created several clipart fonts including cats, dogs, teddies and even pigs. The bird-images  on this page were made with his BirdArt font. Some great seasonal dingbats for Christmas, Halloween and Easter are available, too. Feed Graham with images and he will turn them into a nice font! 
Latest text-file:
This text dated 11/3/2000. Any previous font info regarding me is out of date and should be ignored.
For info email [email protected]  IMPORTANT: Information regarding mailing address as P.O.Box 418, Carnegie, Aust
is no longer in operation. Mail sent there will not reach me, and I take no responsibility for any lost mail because it was sent there.

a must have: the Teddy-fonts!
Time Pundits
Daemonesque: D
Daemonesque is a historical display font with a size of 238 KB (zipped). It should be used in fairly large font sizes to show all its fine details. 
Daemonesque: M

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