Jeff FontsandBats
Some people aspire to change the world.
Others try to leave their mark in history.
I make fonts.  It's less exerting.
. . . . . Jeff Levine
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If you ever used a lettering stencil for a school project, Jeff’s
"Brief History of the Stenso Lettering Company" traces their origin.

My fonts are FREEWARE ... however, this does not allow you to place them in any form of media for resale.   I make them freeware as part of my enjoyment of typography and with the desire to "give back" a little something to the World Wide Web.   You may use these fonts as part of commercial projects, but you may never sell the designs as stock art or part of any stock art design or collection.   These fonts are copyrighted, and all rights are reserved. STANDARD DISCLAIMER: All fonts are offered AS-IS. No guarantee or warranty is expressed or implied. By installing the font(s) on your computer, you accept these terms and take sole responsibility for any consequential or inconsequential damage which may arise from the use of said font(s).
If you are unable to locate a font after unzipping it, please check your target directory to see if it contains a folder with the font name. I use a utility called "Freezip", and it requires the creation of a folder for the zip process.