History of Releases:
  2004-11-20: QuaNauticale Initials  
  2004-11-09: Clerica, HenryMorgan  
  2004-10-20: Reprise!  
  2002-12-29: Blavicke Capitals  
  2002-12-15: Landsdowne  
  2002-12-01: Lightfoot, Nuffield  
  2002-11-24: Medieval Victoriana  
  2002-10-20: Portland Roman  
  2002-10-13: Grimeswade  
  2002-10-10: Coltaine  
  2002-09-15: Wolnough  
  2002-09-08: Black Jewels  
  2002-09-01: Emporium Capitals  
  2002-08-18: Penshurst  
  2002-08-11: Cherubim Initials  
  2002-07-28: Pompadour Initials  
  2002-07-14: Casua  
  2002-06-30: Wadsworth's Industria  
  2002-06-16: Radaern Script  
  2002-06-04  Queen Empress  
  2002-06-02  Lisburne Initials  
  2002-05-19  Dundalk  
  A relaxed Black Letter family.  
  2002-05-12  Claritty  
  A friendly Sans Serif family.  
  2002-05-05  Mysterious Voyage  
  Based on a very lovely 1760 set by Jean Michael Papillon. The name reflects the idea of sights seen on a long overseas voyages in those times.  
  2002-05-01  Cornucopia!  
  A collection of floral may-fonts.  
  2002-04-15  Bertham  
  Another homage to the excellent Mr Goudy. Actually, quite similar to my earlier NewStyle family, but just different enough to be worthwhile I think, actually, on reflection, I think I prefer it to NewStyle slightly...  
  Camelot Initials  
  A set of Olde English drop caps that I've much admired for ages, and long regarded as one of the ultimate challenges to digitize... done at last :)  
  Chocolate Box  
  Quite literally inspired by eating too much chocolate! Actually, inspired by the variation on a Roman face that the box lid was lettered with. Those who've looked at some of my fonts recognize some commonalities with the 'Imperator' family.  
  2002-04-08 Altea  
  Altea is based on a specimen from a turn of the century Australian draftsman's copybook. The set of capitals provided in that book were recommended for the names of countries in atlases. I've expanded this set somewhat. Note also the interesting glyphs at the various bracket characters...they make a nice effect at either end of a title, for instance a country's name on an atlas... :)  
  2002-04-08 Mosaic  
  It's inspired by a nice ( but incomplete) set of ornamental initials I saw last Friday. I finished off the set, then I made a variation on them and decided they'd make a nice 'small caps' font without the block - then I came up with a couple of variations on the font.  
  2002-04-03  Burgoyne Initials  
  Based on a 14th century document in the British Museum collection.  
  2002-04-03  Engravier Initials  
  Yet more drop caps, this time based on the heavy lettering used by 19th century printers.  
  2002-04-03  Hentzau Initials  
  The revival of ornamental fraktur initials from the 19th century. The name is a continuation of my previous Anthony Hope theme, as embodied in Ruritania.  
  2002-04-03  Rustick Capitals  
  These Capitals are based on CybaPee's Postmoderne Fraktur.  
  2002-03-11  Louvaine  
  Designed to recapture the penmanship of the monastries in a form that's clearly readable for today.  
  2002-03-07  Chipperfield And Bailey  
  A classical circus font. Chipperfield is one of the biggest circus companies in UK and Bailey is one half of the great US circus Barnum & Bailey.  
  2002-03-05  Boister Black  
  A fun interpretation of the Black Letter style, rustik and lively.  
  2002-03-05  Erasmus  
  This font has a sort of turn of the century feel. There are two variations on the design, Erasmus Inline doesn't have the flamboyant descenders on the capitals and would be better for subsidiary text.  
  2002-03-05  Quill Family  
  Meant to recapture that sort of calligraphy that used to appear when official forms and certificates were filled in by hand.  
  2002-03-01  Trefoil Capitals  
  A set of drop capitals based on a 19th century revival of a 16th century design.  
  2002-02-26  Woodcut Capitals  
  It's intended for use as the initial capital of paragraphs/ chapters etc, and there are two forms of each capital, the ones in the lower case positions being a more compact version of the basic design. The design itself is meant to suggest wooden printers blocks, hence the name.  
  2002-02-11  Draughtsman  
  Made from an old set of architects plans.