Lost + Found  
    Abstract Type Design (P.Durr) Kung Fu (Mike Lecky)  
    Ace Fonts Letters From The Claw  
    Adler Dings Little Starseed  
    AfterglowType John A.Matheson  
    Robert Anderson Mortal Turtle Foundry  
    Marty Bee Stephen Moye  
    Casady & Greene Eric Perlin  
    Chaos Fonts (Jason Everett) Q-Type  
    Clearlight Eduardo Recife  
    Cosmonaut Shrine of Isis (John Cosgriff)  
    Cathy Davies Sokratype  
    Elefont Sylemnia  
    ESRI Tepid Monkey  
    Font Cabinet The Shaft  
    Fontmaker (Dieter Schumacher) Truckfonts  
    Fontocide typearound (Stephen Deken)  
    Foreign Fonts (Dr. Berlin) Scotty Ulrich  
    Kejak (formerly Cheops) WebDog (Greg Smith)  
    KLoNk (Philippe Dallaire) Who Am I (Paul Reid)