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Font Happening: tribute to Typesource

No Friday Night Type Fights, no Font Campaigns - let's do our best and start a font happening in appreciation of Jami's services. We could create some fonts to express how much we are missing Typesource and whenever Jami comes across this page he can't resist to get back to fonts ;-)
Do anything of any style, but name your font in a way that matches the basic idea, e.g. "Sans Jami" or "TS Ovation" or so. Please send your fonts or suggestions to CybaPee.
2001-07-19: Jami says thanks  
"I was especially touched by the Font Happening page. I really didn't know my efforts
made all that much of a difference."
Please send a mail to Jami and let him know that a fontaholic life is hard without Typesource!

Updike by Brandon from Tepid Monkey Fonts
Updike was named after the man who coined Jami's favourite quotation.

JR9er by Sara from SaraArts
2001-09-28: Extra Characters, Caps Oblique and Extras Oblique added
Mishawaka by Apostrophe
Mishawaka is Jami's hometown
Friday Nite Type Knight
I Want My TTR!
Friday Nite Type Knight
by Levi from No Images Fonts
I Want My TTR! (5 weights)
by Dan from Iconian Fonts

TS Extol
Typesource Extol Solid + Outline by Brian Kent from Aenigma Fonts

TS Fanclub
Aquaduct Full Set by Graham Meade
Typesource Fanclub by CybaPee
Aquaduct is one of Graham's recent releases
that was named by Jami.