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font: PM Trifasic
2002-01-20: If you want any of Pau's fonts, contact him and offer something in exchange an artwork or FontPlay or whatever you'd like to send him.
The german PAGE magazine for design and typography presents an interview with Pau Misser Vilaseca (issue 10/2001). Here are some translated extracts and a couple of font samples.
font: PM Sembla 

Pau lives in Llinars near Barcelona (Spain, a sunny corner of Europe). Most of Pau's typefaces have been designed while he was waiting to finish a download. He draws letterforms on paper and creates his fonts using Freehand and Fontographer. His first font, Bustia, was made in august 2000. Seems Pau had a lot of stuff to download, since then he has produced 12 fonts :)

Many of his fonts relate to his own life. In the age of 14 Pau was decorating walls with typographic graffiti. 2 years later he began to design protection helmets followed by posters and clothing for mountain-bikers. Today he is a World Cup mountain bike racer himself.

Pau bought his first computer when he was 19. Soon he started programming his first web-site and one year later he made a deal with a biker clothing company. Pau, without studying design produced everything for them from packaging to clothes and their web-site.

A foible for speed and the graphic vocabulary of mountain-bikers can be found in Pau's type design as well as on his web-pages, check his flash animations. Speed everywhere - Pau creates a new font every month without sitting nonstop in front of his computer.

font: PM Maravella
Some of Pau's favourite fonts are made by Andreas Lindholm (label Brainreactor at and you will find influences and similarities.
Bumblebee by Brainreactor

The font-world doesn't need any more typefaces because everything has already been invented? Not for Pau: People with this opinion are really narrow-minded. If we all thought this way, we would still be wearing loin-cloths.

The fonts which were made while downloading are being returned to download: PM Fonts are available for free, but those who use them are asked to give Pau some samples of his fonts in use to be presented on his web-site. In Pau's opinion people don't really respect stuff that is available for free, so the concept for a team-project came to his mind. His own fontplays with Escacs, Quelcom, Sembla and Trifasic are being displayed on his web-site - hopefully they will have some international companions soon!

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