Robert Anderson - Medieval Fonts
Robert a.k.a. Lord Kyl used to maintain Flight of the Dragon. When he closed that site, the wonderful medieval fonts made their way to this section of typOasis. Robert's font-site has been re-opened at Geocities and the following collection remains here as a backup.
Anglo Saxon 8th Century
Battel Abbey 8th Century
British Block Florish 10th Century
British Museum 14th Century
British Outline Majuscules
Celtic Knot
Curved Manuscript 17th Century
Decorated Majuscules 14th Century
English Gothic 17th Century
Floral Majuscules 11th Century
German Blackletters 15th Century
Gothic Straight Faced 16th Century
Gothic Leaf
Italian Cursive 16th Century
Library of Minerva 9th Century
Medieval Dingbats
Spanish Round Bookhand 16th Century
Traditional Gothic 17th Century
Vatican Rough Letters 8th Century