Casady & Greene

Casady & Greene, Inc. started out as two separate little companies, Casady Ware and Greene, Inc. Casady Ware, which was founded by Robin Casady in August 1984, began producing Fluent Fonts, which were bitmapped typefaces for the Macintosh. As soon as PostScript fonts appeared, Casady Ware got hold of the first version of Fontographer and produced the first downloadable Post Script fonts, even beating Adobe, the originators of Post Script, to the punch. These were marketed as Fluent Laser Fonts (FLF). Many fonts digitized by Richard Ware, others designed by Mike Wright. The contact was Terry Kunysz in Salinas, CA. On July 3, 2003, Casady & Greene closed its doors permanently.
 Abilene by C+G Calligraphy by Richard Ware
Alexandria (4 faces) by Richard Ware Campanile by Richard Ware
Black Knight by Michael Wright Checkbox by Richard Ware
 Bodoni (4) by Richard Ware Chicago by Richard Ware
 BodoniUltra (2) by Richard Ware Collegiate (5 faces)
 BodoniUltraCond (2) by Richard Ware Coventry Script by Richard Ware
Bonnard by Richard Ware Cutouts by Software Complements
Button (2) by Richard Ware