A couple of Stephen Moye's Public Domain fonts. Architext, Artlookin and Trooklern look rather similar, but collectors might wish to grab everything that's available.
Architext package includes Regular, Bold, Italic, One Type.
Artlookin package includes Regular, Bold, Italic, One Type.
Civi is the free version of Civilite by Moye + Beatty.
Fleurons - classical ornaments.
Goudy Hundred - single weight. This typeface is a rendering of Frederick Goudy's Bertham type. The drawings and matrices were lost in a fire in 1939. The complete roman font is shown in Goudy's Half Century of Type Design (page 210). The font was named for Goudy's wife, Bertha.
Kellnear Italic - single weight

Koch includes Plain and Read. A rendering of Rudolf Koch's Antiqua.

Lichtner package includes Regular, Extended, Italic, Wide

Livia package includes Regular and Medium.

Paddington package includes Regular, Bold, Italic, Bold-Italic, SC,
SC Bold. It's a translation of a sans serif design drawn by Edward Johnston for London Transport in 1918.
Trooklern - single weight