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Releases July 2001
july 31st    
BitmapMania Leaves  
Scriptorium Vergennes  
july 30th    
Dustbust Blaster  
joeBob onepunch Jim  
Kat's Fun Fonts Little League, Summer Candy  
july 29th    
Apostrophic Lab     Asenine, Dekon, Eskargot, Haven Code, Jagz
Cumberland Fontworks Darn Ya Smile!
Fontosaurus Gigaton, Kiloton, Megaton, Snow Crash
Dieter Steffmann Alte Schwabacher  
July 28th    
No Images Fonts Anabolic Spheroid  
Dieter Steffmann Titania  
july 27th    
Creation Century Regular  
joeBob FatBill  
Curtis Thomas Sharp Points  
july 26th    
10Bus 010BMP 8B  
july 25th    
Cheapskate Fonts It Wasn't Me  
Rennys Niche more Sylvie's alphabets  
Dieter Steffmann Kashmir, Siegfried (Update)  
july 24th    
2TheLeft HKI Nightlife
Aenigma Bendable
Iconian XPED
july 23rd  
Fontalicious Weltron Special Power incl. Weltron 2001
Jeff Levine Teachers Helper (Dingbats), Cobb Shinn 31
Kat's Fun Fonts Barb's Class Boys, Girls  
july 22nd    
Cumberland Fontworks The Alchemist  
Dinctype Fivebits  
Fontalicious Trick Series  
Kat's Fun Fonts Heart of Flowers, Quilt, Lime's Limes, Wings on High
Recife Broken 15
Tepid Monkey Stockstill  
july 21st    
Kat's Fun Fonts Alien, Sleep Over  
Jeff Levine Dry Goods  
Dieter Steffmann Fenwick Woodtype  
Typearound Lou's Font  
july 20th    
Dazzling Designs Amphibia  
Larabie hidden rarities fast download here
Jeff Levine Dots  
Sporkthug Nerdball  
july 19th    
Jeff Levine Pressboard, Sorta Deco  
july 18th    
Denenchofu Design Petit Love, Sacchi  
Dustbust Humanoid, Nec Plus Ultra  
Fontomas #44: Term  
Jeff Levine Canarsie Slab, Mixed Messages, Simply Square
Rennys Niche Sylvie's Alphabets updated
Scriptorium Delaguerra
Dieter Steffmann Gebetbuch-Initialen  
july 17th    
Aenigma Automatica  
Anke-Art Skribus  
Iconian Homemade Robot, Metroplex  
Kyakirun Yura Hiragana  
Miniml.com Uni 05_53, updates  
Recife Disgusting Behavior  
july 16th    
Cumberland Fontworks Tombs of Rivulax  
House of Lime Birdies, Kids Alphabet, Tiles  
Kat's Fun Fonts I'm This Many  
Larabie ***** retires *****  
No Images Fonts Licenz Plate  
Dieter Steffmann Circus Ornate Caps  
july 15th    
Fontosaurus Pornstar, Speeddealer, Statebats
Jeff Levine Hallandale  
Selfbuildtype Tokyo Oblique for free d/l
Dieter Steffmann Holidayfont  
Vinterstille Fontlab Barbie's Jealous Sister  
july 14th    
Kat's Fun Fonts Three Roses  
Jeff Levine Notation  
Dieter Steffmann SchmuckInitialen  
july 13th    
Aenigma Bit Blocks Truetype  
Nick Curtis Blue Plate Special, Copper Canyon, Heavy Tripp
Fontalicious Sushi High or Ski Pop Contest Winner
Fontor - Daniel Midgley Yataghan  
PlanckFoam DirtyBall PointPen, sfd002  
Sporkthug Ball Tongue  
Dieter Steffmann Plakat Fraktur  
july 12th    
2TheLeft HKI Metropol  
BitmapMania Ethno A17  
House of Lime Around The House  
  Faces 2 Faces  
Jeff Levine Sign Painter's Gothic  
No Images Fonts Kalocsai Flowers  
Parallax Irresistor  
Dieter Steffmann Fraktur Schmuck (Ornaments)  
july 11th    
Fontomas #43: Quant  
Graham Meade Path MM  
Dieter Steffmann Baldur, Carmen (Update)  
july 10th    
2TheLeft Depth Charge  
Aenigma Acknowledge, Bit Blocks  
Jeff Levine Burger Joint, Intramural, Funland  
  Park, Stencil Gothic, Whistle Stop  
Planck Foam Small Car  
july 9th    
Cumberland Fontworks Face Front, Pigeon Street  
Dazzling Designs ScrapiCcons  
Kat's Fun Fonts Corners, Happy Veggies  
Graham Meade Pillow Talk  
Shadowy Mist (Font Cellar) Food+Drink, Insects,  
  Nature, Sports 2  
july 7th    
Dieter Steffmann Eckmann  
Unauthorized Type Kelp Ban (updated)  
july 6th    
Chank Tequila Hill  
Larabie Pupcat  
Dieter Steffmann Kohelet  
july 5th    
Blambot Anime Ace  
Kat's Fun Fonts Rice N Stix  
july 4th    
Fontomas #42: QuatroDeadMosquitos  
Iconian Unisol (Update)  
Recife Guilty, Misproject  
july 3rd    
Fontosaurus 1978NYC, Erg, Mashed  
  Potatoes, Grackle, Exclaim,  
  Moonbase, Scumbucket  
Kat's Fun Fonts Black Cat, Day in the Zoo,  
  Filled with Flowers,  
  Silly Hunnybee, Love Letters,  
  Sara's New Kitten, Squished  
  Moskito, Trilobe  
Nght Pirate'z Decor, Shinin available at Fontparty
Dennis Palumbo Puma  
july 2nd  
Scriptorium Bastion  
Aenigma Kickflip  
Cumberland Fontworks Spider Bite  
Dazzling Designs Jaycons  
Objets Dart Daybreaker  
Dieter Steffmann Fraktur Shadowed  
july 1st    
Apostrophic Lab *** frozen for a while ***  
Fontalicious Porn Star Academy  
Harold Lohner Carmen Caps  
  Harold's Monograms  
Dieter Steffmann Broadway Poster  
Tepid Monkey Zig