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updated: 2001-08-05
List of updates is going to be continued on Luc' site.
Week 32
Antifa Publishing
Hannover, Germany-based outfit that published the Fraktur font Propaganda (1999). German archive that consists mainly of Fraktur truetype fonts. Has, e.g., London Fraktura, Magedburg (Scriptorium), Propaganda (Antifa Publishing, Hannover, 1999), Rothenburg Decorative (Alex Winterbottom), gutenberg (C.H. Wunderlich, 1996).
Thomas Bigler Font Utility
Thomas Bigler's free, small, fast utility that can show virtually any character. For Windows.
Blue Line Pro Fonts
Commercial cartoon fonts: BLComic, BLSFX font, DigitalCartoon, SacredBlue, and many balloons. Based in Florence, KY.
Bobby Nenadovic is the designer at bluetoaster of the free handwriting/comic book fonts Redhorse and Fuse.
Character Table
Great page showing character layouts for many (all?) encodings. A must.
Small foundry with absolutely gorgeous commercial fonts by Tony Nash: Abby, Amadeus, Batard, Bede, Byro, Carol, Classic, Copper, Doodles, El Cid, Frameworks, Karen, Kells, Prima, Priory, Savoy, Scriptoria, Theodore, Tuscany, Versals. Plus 13 sets of fantastic caps (but not in font format) by Andy Jeffery. Based in North Somerset, UK.
Faculty of Classics, Oxford University
Greek font links, and great Greek font jump page. Direct access.
Fontovi YU
Yugoslavian site with Corel and Bitstream fonts in which the copyright line was simply changed to ONYX Studio in 1994. Font families include ProseAntique, BritannicBold, Penguin, ZapfHumanist601BT, FrizQuadrataITCbyBT, Exotic350BT, LydianBT, GoudySansITCbyBT, ParisianBT.
Frosty Fonts - Monica Reyes
A 50-font archive, and one original handwriting font, Luscious (1998), made by Monica Reyes.
Fantastic foundry with free fonts created by Ingo Zimmerman. Contains Fraktur fonts, handwriting fonts, sans serif fonts, Antiqua fonts and some pixel fonts. Full fonts go for 50 USD a piece. The list: Schwabacher Deutsche Reichsbahn, Gutenberg, Faber Fraktur, Deutsche Schrift Callwey, Lettre Civilité de Garajon, Fixogum, Anatole France, Saeculum, Deutsche Schrift Callwey, Klex, Wendelin, Die Überschrift, Faber Eins, Faber Zwei, Olympia, Josef, Faber Drei, Charpentier Renaissance, Charpentier Baroque, Charpentier Classicistique, DePixel (and Illegible DePixel), Déformé, DeFonte, DeKunst, Menschenalphabet. Ingo also practices calligraphy, and in particular, calligraphy for wine labels.
Inuktitut Fonts
At the government of Nunavut's site, about ten free Inuktitut truetype fonts: Naulak (Saali Peter, 1996), NaulakBold (Saali Peter, 1996), Nunacom (Krista Thompson, Nortext Multimedia, 1998), ProSyl (Saali Peter, 1996), ProSylBold (Saali Peter, 1996), QalluSylNormal (Datarctic Information Systems, Iqaluit, NWT, 1992), TunngavikBold (Nunanet Worldwide, 1997), Tunngavik (Nunanet Worldwide, 1997).
Robert Kemp
Designer of the comic book fonts Comicka and The Willies, both free.
Oxford University
At Oxford's Centre for Humanities Computing Software: A well-written introduction to fonts and font installation. Links and tips for many languages.
Polynesian Laser
From Coconut Info, some commercial fonts with the Hawaiian diacritics: Polynesian Laser, Polynesian Old Style, AKelamonaCI-Bold, Palapala (picture this: a Hawaiian Fraktur font!), ManakoISO.
Psaltic Fonts
PostScript and TrueType Byzantine Notation computer fonts such as the Ephesios family (promised for the Fall of 2000). The fonts are for Greek Orthodox texts. Designer: Constantine Terzopoulos.
Rudy Information Center
Foreign language font links. Extensive list.
Star Trek Fonts
Big Star Trek font archive. Direct downloads.
Tales of Doth
Matt Mesanko's original fonts for the Tales of Doth pages, halfway between horror and rune fonts: Dothen-Elisorel (2000), Eslisler (2000).
250-font archive, mainly consisting of script, Fraktur, curly or flowery faces, and great initial caps. I like this site--the preselection is nice. Included are many fonts from Lime, Scriptorium, WSI, StudioBob, GreyWolf, and some individual goodies such as
  • Arabesque Imagery: AC1-Star (1994).
  • enStep Incorporated: ALBRIGHT (1997), Nippy (1997).
  • Brian Powers: NockerCranky (1998).
  • Frappe: Parasol (2000, by Jason Skoog).
  • Novel: Ajile (1994).
  • Phillip G Andrade: Alphasnail (2001).
  • Blue Jay Font Studio: BJF Dragons (2000).
  • FontasyLand: FLBearyGoodFriends (2001).
  • Elfring: Quintly (1994).
  • Red Dragon: RDHoney (2000).
  • A.S.Meit: GoodCityModern (1991) (a Fraktur font based on Gutenberg's 42 line bible).
  • Drutten & Krokodilen Co: HappyDays (1997).
Milan Zrnic
Milan Zrnic designed the LED font Monkey Wrench, and the dot font Sooper Dooper at Blue Vinyl. He also created Jesus Freak and Parvoflavin, and IJ19 at 510 Ink. He finally set up Patrol, part of the Chank Army, where he published AzukiAverage, AzukiPhat, AzukiThin, GranolaeHeavy, Granolae, Herobule, IJ1912, IJ199012, IJ1990, IJ19, Installer, Oliray41Italica, Oliray41Normal, Oliray40Italica, Oliray40Normal, ParvoflavinLight, ParvoflavinNormal, PluranonFade, PluranonNormal, PluranonPro, PluranonStroke, PonylossHusky, PonyglossNormalite, RyemjackNormal (like Mahovac's Kalendar), Sno30. Most of these fonts are LED-style or futuristic in nature.
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