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Week 31
Benton - father and son
Cynthia Jaquette wrote an article about Linn Boyd and Morris Fuller Benton including a list of their original typefaces.
House Industries
Microgramma meets Peignot - Simian font set released.
Plast Australia
Australian site offers free download of ukrainian fonts.
Scooter Graphics
Free NU Font Pack updated.
Zerostyle Typedesign
German site, coming soon.
Zoroastrian Association
Free zoroastrian dingbat by Behram Cooper.
Week 30
New releases 2001: Artane Elongated, Cavalero, Drescher Grotesk, FM Falling Leaves Moon, FM Rustling Branches Moon, Picayune Intelligence (by Nick Curtis), Raven, Richfont, Rina, Sissy Boy, Stingwire, Tannarin.
Re-opened with a bunch of new fonts - all commercial. New free font: Fivebits.
Search files by name.
German design e-zine with a font section which is going to be enhanced. Currently available:
the Super-series of the german site Vectorize.
12 new fonts were released in june 2001: Crumb, Furma, Glass, Harmless, Papua, Poppy, Quarry, Reaktor-B, Reaktor-C, Robinson, Splinter, Taboo. Better use MSIE to access the site.
Tom Oldfield
Tom recommends to watch his site for free fonts coming soon.
Japanese sites - discoveries made by Claude. Merci beaucoup!
U Swim Alphading - a must-have!
Bitmap fonts.
Banana Chips and Burst Chocolate.
Naba Standard
Cute Gazi font.
Noboru Yumisaka made One Serif for FP 12. Dim Matrix, Electric Circuit and Mark Down are available here for free.
A couple of free fonts - but hard to catch!

Week 29
New domain - fonts.com! Brilliant idea... As ITC is part of Agfa-Monotype now, the full set of ITC fonts can be found here.
Font Diner
InFlight Meal font set including Al's Motor Inn, American Highway, Kiddie Cocktails, Lionel Text, Mosquito Fiesta, New York to Las Vegas, Pink Flamingo, Refreshment Stand, Starlight Hotel, Volcano King.
New release in july: Hybrid by Simon Schmidt (Closefonts).
Bottleneck, Einhorn, Zipper.
Ambroise und Anisette Petite (lower cases).
Presence Typo
Thierry Puyfoulhoux finished the incredible set of 30 Tangram fonts.
Frantisek Storm offers Lido - Times with a human face - as freeware.
Free download of 26-Faces font by Carlos Segura.
Andreu Balius plans to work on a new version of Universitas Salamantini which will be available for purchase.
The old Utopia site has moved, please update your bookmarks.
Vinterstille Fontlab
New danish font site maintained by Klaus Nielsen. Available for download: A shareware font "The Handwriting of Barbie's Jealous Sister".
Week 28
Brass Fonts
Download the complete Brass library for free.
Font of the day.
Italian download paradise.
Dennis made several updates - including a special page quoting Hubchy's collected wisdom.
New release: the CocaCola Script font American Pop
Week 27
Font archive, PC and Mac.
Greenbay CD
Recommended site to practice DOS attacks - the FontStudio 2002 CD includes a compilation of free fonts which are sold for 12$ - without the designers' permission. Concerned designers are Aenigma, Apostrophe, Chank, Neale Davidson, Fontalicious, Fontmaker, GemFonts, GreyWolf, Iconian, Larabie, Dennis Palumbo, PizzaDude, Scriptorium, ShyFonts, Utopia, WolfBainX et.al.
Get a full list of the fonts here. Don't miss Apostrophe's newsletter dated 07-01-01 in the Read section of The L'ab.
Mr Eel
4 free pixel-fonts for Mac and PC.
Considerable font archive. Also carries many font utilities such as Michael J. Mefford's FontEdit (for modifying/creating EGA or VGA character fonts), John Deurbrouck's FNTPRN (for font viewing and catalog creation). Archive includes Circuits by Detlef Reimers (from Hamburg, 1992) and Video Terminal Screen by E.A. Behl (from Clearwater, FL, 1992).
German font-site offering a couple of free bitmap-fonts.
Thai Fonts
Thai fonts by UPC (Unity Progress Corp). The following families: AngsanaUPC, BrowalliaUPC, CordiaUPC, DilleniaUPC, EucrosiaUPC, FreesiaUPC, IrisUPC, JasmineUPC, KodchiangUPC, LilyUPC. The fonts have both Latin and Thai glyphs.
Cool site, requires Shockwave.
Week 26
Walt Disney Company
Walt Disney releases some fonts such as its own rune font, Atlantean (1999) , made for the movie Atlantis. Direct download.
Flaming Text
Alphadings and dingbat archive.
Alphadings archive by Pauline Cantaloup. Visit also her font archive and her dingbat archive.
Cult fonts by Todd Bainbridge.
Magic Rainbow Studio
240-font archive.
Mark Simonson Studio
Mark Simonson Studio is located in StPaul, MN. His fonts include Blakely, Coquette, Felt Tip Senior (handwriting), Refrigerator, and Sharktooth.
100-font archive with many Cyrillicized fonts. Has many rune fonts, and Arab simulation fonts such as Arabian and Caliph. ArabianNormalCyr is a Cyrillic version, copyright Naraca (2000). Other goodies: SkazkaForSerge (Cyrillic version of Arnold Boecklin, by Yuri A.Lyamin), Tzimizce Cyr (Necropolis, 2000).
Pixelsurgeon Fonts
Pixel fonts. Partially commercial. Free fonts: Teenage Delinquent, Pancake, Good Advice, Chinese Whisper (Chinese stamp dingbats). Commercial: Waikiki, Tekno, Surgery, San Francisco, Rubbish, Protopixel, Pixelbitch, PhutureBelly, Octopuss, Offender, Los Mutantes, Eviltype, EqualRights, Buddha's Teeth, Boxy 35, Boxy 5, Bongo, 3Some, Area 51.
Type Distortions
Review by Lawrence Wallis of two books, 20th Century Design by Catherine McDermott, Carlton Books Ltd. (1999), and The Look of the Century: Design Icons of the Twentieth Century by Michael Tambini, Dorling Kindersley (1999).
Vedi Font Project
Russian site with lots of free latin fonts (Larabie, Ben, PizzaDude) converted to cyrillic alphabets.
Week 25
Ashley's Mom Inc
Set of 13 commercial fonts designed by Kim Voss to be used for designing curricular adaptations and educational materials for teaching reading, writing, and spelling.
Bauhaus Font Exhibition
Showings of Bauhaus style fonts.
Cheapskate Fonts
Original free fonts.
40+ font archive. Includes AceCrikey (James Shields, 1998), GraphicAttitudeMono (Antonio Bucu, 1998).
Old typewriter font archive at czionki.com.
Da3 Fonts
Big archive, but the font names are not shown, unfortunately.
Designer in Action
Big German font archive. Includes a screen fonts archive.
Designer's Dream
The B&P Graphics collection: 1000 Truetype fonts of good quality - for free!
Free School Fonts
Archive and discussion of free school fonts such as Jarman, Jardotty, Primer Print, Print Clearly, Penmanship Print, Zyia Learns Letters, Learning Curve BV. Also a listing of shareware and commercial school fonts. A nice start page if you need such fonts.
6oo font archive.
Keedy's Type Design Class
Type designs by Jeffery Keedy's students. Fantastic web page too! Here we find the following fonts:
  • Cynthia Jacquette: Wirish, Medusa.
  • Jon Dean: Barbarella, Abbot.
  • Mike Kohnke: Sylmar, Svolt.
  • Chy Lin: Alien Kiss, Ballard.
  • Petra Michel: Clydesdale, Gemino, Gemina.
Great article by Tim Donahue on kerning.
Ruben Borup, danish designer of the (free) pixel font City Lights (2000).
Mystical Designs
100+ font archive.
Pateando Gusanos
Gothic font archive.
Beautiful archive with retro fonts (50s look). Some retro dingbats too.
Astrological fonts: StarFont Sans and Serif (1993) by Anthony Owen, and AstroFont (2000, by Astrolars). Anthony Owen is from Copenhagen.
TTF Scritte
Web program that permits the transformation of truetype font texts into GIFs.
Turkish Software
Several Turkish font packages can be downloaded here.
Week 24
Ash To Ash
Gothic font archive
Font Primer
How to create better looking documents - the font formats (bitmaps, scalable, ...) explained.
Upstart Swedish foundry offering Indigo Antiqua (design by Johan Ström, and digitization by Jonas Böttiger and Torbjörn Olsson). The typographers claim inspiration from Guillaume le Bé (France), Miklós Kis's Janson, Christoffel van Dijck (van Dijck) and Peter Valpergen (Fell).
Fonts to avoid
Fonts to avoid in high resolution output.
Dave Hyatt
Commercial Comicbook fonts, free fonts are available for mailing list members.
Kaliber 1000
The Sigmund font designed for small screen size. Developed by M. Schmidt.
Open Type
Adobe's page on Open Type
The Logical Choice
A free font, vicmodcu, for "Victorian Modern Cursive Handwriting" (truetype).
Artistic web site organized by FontShop.
Free original pixel fonts including Streetlook, V6p01, V7p01, V8p01, V8p02, V8p03, V9p01, vectorize-thin, vectorize_regular. By Magnus Hgberg, 2000.
Great links page to many things, including pixel fonts.
Week 23
Fontport's themed pages with tons of downloads
Jeri Ingalls
announced that several fonts have been reworked
Andreas Johannson
collected fonts and creations by Andreas
Harold Lohner
check out Harold's latest releases and the summer puzzle contest
Week 22
Baskerville studies
Luc collected tons of informations about Baskerville
BDF Edit
Thomas A. fine's free X11 BDF (bitmap font) editor. Some of his BDF fonts can be downloaded.
Big archive
Hypermart Upped Fonts
Font upload site. Check regularly. Nothing spectacular on my first visit.
Eliyezer Kohen
Eliyezer Kohen (Microsoft) lectures in 1994 on truetype, aliasing and hinting.
Old English Text MT truetype font
Great screen fonts by Craig Kroeger, made in 2001: Hooge, Standard, Kroeger, Natzke.
Hundred truetype fonts. Includes Ericsson GA628 by Kludo Studios. Has many pixel fonts.
New German type site. Self-acclaimed "underground resource for free Mac and PC fonts".
Typefaces 'reveal personality traits'
Robert Uhlig discusses Aric Sigman's claim that the choice of a font could reveal someone's character.
Week 21
500 font links
A 7.5MB zip file with about 150 truetype fonts (Microsoft, Lucida series, some Monotype), including a font series called McGraw Hill (with logo).
Lisa L.Spangenberg
Celtic font links
The following phonetic/linguistic fonts can be found here in truetype format: Times-Linguist (8 weights, great family!), LinguisticsNormal, StoneChantyalMedium (Adobe, 1990).
Truchet and Types
A great article by Jacques André and Denis Girou on the lettering of father Sebastien Truchet, 1657-1729. Their thesis: the Romain du Roi font (ca. 1702) is the first digital font, as it has the notion of outlines by arcs of circles, grids as in bitmaps and dpi measurements, and even notions of italic transformations and hinting.
Week 20
Artsy Lady
Lots of alphadings
Well organized archive with both Mac and PC fonts. Very helpful to keep track of new free font releases while Typesource is down.
the commercial project of Zone 23, offers free samples and the new Alphashapes series for download
Font identifier based on answering questions. Will lead you to fonts for the major foundries.
Kobe Type
Kobe-based foundry offering 33 typefaces. Great web page.
Linotype changed their URL and all related subpages as well. It will take a while for the search engines to latch on. If you are looking for Linotype stuff, check Luc's pages, he updated 600 links to Lino-designers (!)
Huge archive of truetype fonts. Has most of the Bay Animation fonts.
Pixel Monkey (coming soon)
R. Glitschka's fonts, including PixelvilleLowRes (2000). At T26 he designed Spazorific and Whatevur (2000).
Robotic Attack Fonts
The site has been redesigned and renamed to RobotJohnny. Previews of coming-soon fonts.
Essays and opinion on typography, doled out by Dean Allen. Critical comparision of 20 great text faces: Jenson, Bembo, Granjon, Elzevir, Caslon, Fleischmann, Baskerville, Fournier, Bell, Bulmer, Miller, Centaur, Janson, Electra, Fairfield, Dante, Aldus, Sabon, Albertina.
The Teachers' Parking Lot (or: Penmanship Fonts)
Educational handwriting fonts. Great archive.
Some fresh graffiti fonts and iconografica dings.
Yip Yop
Free fonts for the Mac, by Mike Langlie, aka Generic Mike. Free: Foofah.
Week 19:
Doves Type    
Doves Type was from Doves Press, founded in 1900 by T. J. Cobden-Sanderson (a disciple of William Morris) and Emery Walker. They had type based on Jenson. T. J. Cobden-Sanderson threw the typefcaes in the Thames when the press closed in 1916 to prevent anyone from using it again. The face was revived by Torbjörn Olsson at T-Type.
Free music font archive
Fontlab Tutorial by Ray Larabie    
...and a new font released on may 5th: Strenuous
Logotype Free
Over 21000 free commercial logos.
Makambo's demise
Jack Yan about the demise of Makambo in March 2001, and the future of the font business.
Font pages organized by "Webmistress Jo", with handwriting fonts like Danielwaferbaby, HeatherChamp, JeffreyZeldman, LanceArthur, LittleLeafont, MizKitty, Powazek, ThomasBrodahl, VickiWong. Mac and PC.
Week 18:
Fonts that show well at small sizes. Flash 5 required.
Music Fonts
Express Music Publishing, commercial.
Information Repair
Commercial fonts by Eric Olson: Novo Grotesk, Necrophones, Fibo001. At Information Repair in Minneapolis, he does typeface design and print design for clients within the cultural sector including the Walker Art Center, Minneapolis College of Art and Design (MCAD), Intermedia Arts and the Design Institute at the University of Minnesota.
Midnight Circus
Archive with about 20 magic and gothic fonts. Contains Matrix Tall and Dead History, for example. And it has Adobe's Palatino family in truetype format.
50-font collection, free
Hell Type
Commercial fonts with some free downloads by Destro and Harsh Patel. Fonts include Reactor Reactor, Angsty Girly Music (free; grunge), House Anthem, Brown Paper, Monch Gothic, Five Hundred Fourty, Gamera-Gamera, Burton Italic, Burton Alternate, Aurora, Girlfriend Script, Gravity Cam, Sponge, Pigeons, HP Logos, Western Ways, Chocoloate Engraving. Many grunge and handwriting fonts.
Modern Typography
Coming soon: Type discussion site run by Paul Barnes.
Fontex 2000 MG Forum
Mailing list and font forum